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Formation Introduction

Formation Committee 

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(Welcome Fighters! More information in this letter and on NWOC Recap page.)

Flying in formation is a an effective way to showcase your NATA aircraft at public events and airshows. The pubic gains an appreciation for the way these aircraft were flown when they were still being flown by military pilots. Flying formation is also very rewarding for pilots and is a fun way to enjoy your warbird! Formation flying also requires discipline and skill, and should not be attempted without proper training.  

NATA provides formation training and issues Formation and Safety Team (FAST) formation qualifications for T-6, T-28, and B-25 aircraft. Pilots wishing to earn their FAST credentials through NATA must first join NATA as a Formation Member, and then complete our Formation Training Program. NATA hosts formation training clinics several times each year where trainees can progress through the program at their own pace. Instructor Pilots and Check Pilots are present at these Clinics, and when a trainee successfully passes a check ride, a FAST card is issued. There are qualifications for Wingman, Leader, Instructor, and Check Pilot.

NATA is signatory to the Formation and Safety Team (FAST). FAST is a worldwide, educational organization dedicated to teaching safe formation flying in restored, vintage military aircraft and civilian aircraft. It is comprised of seventeen signatory organizations whose mission is to support education in the restoration, maintenance and flight of their members' aircraft. For more information about FAST, visit

By joining as, or upgrading to formation members, NATA members have access to our formation training materials, the formation discussion forum, and may attend upcoming NATA formation clinics.

NATA's rich history of formation training began in its second year, as documented in this formation article by John Harrison in April 1987.

This Formation section contains training and related material for Formation members. Regular members and the public only have access to this introduction page, the FAQ page, and the upcoming clinic pages. Formation members must be logged in to access all the formation pages.

T-6 Texans in a diamond formation during an airshow

Trojan Horseman perform a banana pass at an airshow in their T-28 Trojans