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Safety Introduction

Safety Committee (

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Safety is a priority at NATA! Our leadership is committed to better understanding the risks of flying our aircraft, and our members are committed to flying safely.


The mission of the North American Trainer Association is the safe operation and maintenance of North American aircraft through programs, products and services. Improving the safety record is a priority in NATA, and will invest time and resources in the areas that will have the largest positive impact on the NATA safety record. Safety education through forums, safety programs, formation clinics and workshops are the prime source for members to take advantage of NATA safety efforts.


As warbird owners and operators NATA honors and emulates the veterans who flew them in training and in combat. Perhaps it is worthwhile to emulate the safety, proficiency, and maintenance practices of the squadrons who flew these aircraft when they were still in service.

NATA works closely with the FAA, NTSB, Boeing (Type Certificate Holder), EAA Type Club Coalition, owners and others on issues related to the North American family of aircraft. NATA efforts include support and promotion of safe and efficient operation of NATA aircraft such as the approved AMOC for AT6, SNJ and Harvard AD 2005-12-51.


NATA cooperates with other warbird operators and organizations in researching issues affecting airworthiness and legacy issues for all warbird aircraft and North American aircraft specifically. NATA Safety also conducts targeted research to improve the safety of member pilots and aircraft.
Research includes a comprehensive review of all warbird accidents over time with a focus on the North American family of aircraft. NATA publishes these statistics with analysis of Issues important to the members and the operation of their aircraft.